hellokitsune: (Sherlock: Tea)
2013-01-31 03:46 am

Nails Inc Lucky Dip Haul

Last week, Nails Inc had another of their now famous lucky dip sales where you get six bottles of polish for £15 plus delivery. As they usually retail for between £5 and £11, I thought this was an unmissable bargain, especially after Nails Inc promised there’d be no duplicates (I hear that was something of a problem with the last round of lucky dip bags) and bought three of them, which got me free delivery too. Yay.

My order arrived this morning and I was really pleased with my loot, lots of colours that I wouldn’t ordinarily have tried but are really quite lovely in person.

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Nails Inc nail polish bottles

(L – R) Grafton Street, Hoxton Crackle, Heathrow, Hampstead Gardens.

I’m not sure whether the mustardy Hampstead Gardens is for me but the sticker on the lid assures me it’s a “trend shade” so I guess owning it means I’m down with the kids or something?

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