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I’ve been trying to summon the will to write a post summarising the events of my five month blogging hiatus but the longer you leave these things, the harder and more daunting they become. So, I’ve decided to save myself the hassle and not bother. It has been a bit of a struggle over the last few months but most of that isn’t really suitable for the public domain anyway. Suffice to say, I’m okay, nobody’s died (unless you want to count my laptop) and the sky hasn’t fallen in just yet. I’m also still rubbish at knitting.

I’d say that normal service will be resumed from now on but I’ve never really stuck to a schedule when it comes to writing. I still have quite a few issues with the layout that need fixing, one of which will require playing Russian Roulette with WooThemes support; I say that because in the past, I’ve either had a really friendly, helpful response or an incredibly snotty, disinterested one – there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground there. If they manage to fix this for me, then all will be forgiven; which would be nice as if Project Super Secret Squirrel goes to plan, I’ll be needing their commerce software too. Oh and no, not telling. Not yet.

My main priority at the moment is a project for somebody else, which is frustratingly close to completion but requires the weather to cool down a little first as chinchillas do not appreciate a computer belching hot air out in the middle of a heatwave and impressive though my little Android tablet is, I don’t think it’s up to running Photoshop. I’d be stunned if it could do Paint.

So yeah, just wanted to say that I’m drawing a line under the past as far as blogging goes (you are of course welcome to ask me if you’re curious about anything) and hopefully, it’ll lift some of the writing anxieties. No promises though.

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