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hello kitsune ([personal profile] hellokitsune) wrote2013-01-11 06:50 pm


If there isn’t already a support group for people who think the idea of being married is great but have absolutely zero interest in putting on a dog and pony show of a wedding just to please others, I think I’m going to start one. I have no problem with weddings if that’s what people want but honestly, being badgered about it when I’ve repeatedly said that’s not what we want is really starting to grate on my nerves in a “trying to make our day all about you is why we wouldn’t want you there” kinda way. The Boy said he’d be happier turning up at a registry office, signing the paperwork and going home; I don’t think I’ve ever loved him quite as much as I did hearing that. We’re not even in the same effing country yet but I’m supposed to be swooning over meringue dresses and stationary – SOD OFF.


(Possible proper post later but for now, RAGE!)

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